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Tire Recycling Process

Video of Tire Recycling Process

Picnic Table

After seeing all the posts about the lack of seating, and conversation areas, I thought I would post this picture. I really like this picnic table idea

Place research

Hi Eveyone!

My friend Tutku and I did research about places in Istanbul like Halic, Moda, Caddebostan and make a presentation. We share it here. We hope this picture may help.

otl presentation

my problem is picnic in Istanbul

This signboard says "Picnic is prohibited"

In Istanbul we don't have much green areas and when the summer comes people go for a picnic all over green areas in Istanbul. This cause polution so goverment forbidden to picnic in green areas and never put furnitures. But it can't stop people who want picnic. But if we design something that can remove this prohibition this make happy public and goverment.

There is some furnitures like this one in Turkey but it's impractical and if 2 groups want to sit there and if they don't know each other, they became disturbed so we have one people sit on big furniture alone and no one other him or her don't go and sit here.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Smaller Amphitheater

Interesting concept for a structure

ball nogues studio: pavillon speciale

I saw another interesting public space on Designboom, we can create this kind of space by tyre too! (
'pavillon speciale' by ball nogues studio, paris, france
all images courtesy of ball nogues studiolos angeles-based ball nogues studio has created the winning proposal for the second edition of the 'pavillon speciale' competition,a series curated by french architect matteo cainer in collaboration with the ecole spéciale d’architecture in paris, france. the pavilion's shape is produced by the deformation of materials under force, requiring formal explorations with full scale mock-ups to inform computer representations. digitalization of the studies then allow further process development within the studio environment. over 200 repetitive cells made from locally sourced plastic tubing are bent and wrapped within custom jigs. an additional sheet material placed within the modular unit will provide shade to visitors below the continuous canopy.the module may be flat-packed for transportation and quickly assembled on site, supporting the structure's temporary existence.positioned within the heart of the city, the installation will be constructed by the students within a courtyard garden adjacent to the schoolto create a sense of place during diverse weather conditions. the structure will be constructed no more than three months after the design was conceived, serving to dissolve the boundaries between academia and professional world, working together to experiment and learn from each other. the construct may be easily disassembled and relocated when a new location has been determined.
aerial view of the pavilion
model detail
roof plan

Friday, March 23, 2012


There are not enough benchs for to be social and they are not useful.

                           Naresh Kumarchauhan
   It's a problem for urban animals to find food and water sometimes


   Here is a design for urban animals    kaynak:

AnneMarie van Splunter Reuses Tires to Create a ‘Rubber Tree’ Playground

a playground made entirely out of reused tires on a bamboo frame

innovative playground for 1,000 refugee children along the border of Thailand and Burmagreen kids, green design for kids, AnneMarie van Splunter, recycled rubber, recycled playground, green playground, eco playground, recycled tires, repurposed tires, rubber tree, rubber playground, tire playground, tire tree

problem and examples

Our classical horizontal benches are not enough for people to get socialize. Here there is a bench (with concrete  leg ) moved by force to sit with group.

 some examples for that problem 

campus bench
Joshua saling

 hold the line
Christian Precht

seating design problems


Seating arrangements in public places are not suitable for groups. My objective is to solve this design problem and provide better alternatives for groups to be seated in public areas.


Tim Kerp

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fishing Spots

Hello Everyone !
As you know, İstanbul is a peninsula with many kind of fishes. So there are lots of fishermen around here, especially in Fatih and Eminönü. Some of them are fishing on the bridges which are on the goldenhorn and some of them choose the coasts. This image shows a little of their order and equipments. 

They use a traditional product which is handmade and generally made of wood for fasten their rod.

I'm trying to design a fishing seat or lean unit which provides to fasten the rod, organize the equipment, and comfort the user.

Problem at playgrounds

People who come with child to the playground need to sit to pry their child. But there isn't anything to sit on some playgrounds. 

This is a playground with sitting places but i think it is inadequate. Because people want to make their child eat or drink something then they must turn beside and it's not suitable for their body.


This is a design problem.

                           Sometimes people just want sit alone and relax.

The problem and solution

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


These are some of the shapes that you can make by using tires.i hope it helps :)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bodø Harbour square - Installation october 2011 (Svein Erik Toien photography)

In october 2011, Bodø ArkitektGruppe - BAG - created an architectural installation with elements of sculpture, video and sound art in Nedre Torg (here named Bodø Harbour square), to put a foucus on the possibillities of an important urban space, till now occupied by parked cars. The installation showed to be popular both as a playground for kindergarten kids, youth performing Parcour, an curious passers-by.
During the exhibition period of one week, different avantgarde musicians performed informal concerts, as a "teaser" for the Emergency Exit festival taking place late october in Bodø.
Overview - kindergarten children using the installation
Overview - kindergarten children using the installation

Exploring the structure

Gathering around the fire
Gathering around the fire

Order - disorder
Order - disorder

Tyre fill -1
Tyre fill -1

Tyre fill - 2
Tyre fill - 2

Tyre collection
Tyre collection

Diving the structure
Diving the structure

A small scene is rigged inside a container. The group Balmbrain + Mouches Volantes in action.
A small scene is rigged inside a container. The group Balmbrain + Mouches Volantes in action.

Fire and sounds 
Fire and sounds

Almost "back to order"
Almost "back to order"

Friday, March 16, 2012

Kempf gives a new take to tire in the form of furniture

Tired Lounge By Leo Kempf Tired Lounge By Leo Kempf
Designer Leo Kempf gives a new take to tire in the form of furniture. Worn by Leo’s Lounge is made using FSC Birch and tire recycling. This chair is very good in your living room, which will give comfort to your home.


I have pulled out some sections of an article published in the New Yorker about brainstorming. I encourage all of you to read the entire article on the New Yorker website.

"The underlying assumption of brainstorming is that if people are scared of saying the wrong thing, they’ll end up saying nothing at all. The appeal of this idea is obvious: it’s always nice to be saturated in positive feedback. Typically, participants leave a brainstorming session proud of their contribution. The whiteboard has been filled with free associations. Brainstorming seems like an ideal technique, a feel-good way to boost productivity. But there is a problem with brainstorming. It doesn’t work."

"The results were telling. The brainstorming groups slightly outperformed the groups given no instructions, but teams given the debate condition were the most creative by far. On average, they generated nearly twenty per cent more ideas. And, after the teams disbanded, another interesting result became apparent. Researchers asked each subject individually if she had any more ideas about traffic. The brainstormers and the people given no guidelines produced an average of three additional ideas; the debaters produced seven."

The article goes on to talk about buildings whose designs lend particularly well to chance encounters and collaboration. It is really an interesting read, talking about collaboration trends spanning from Broadway musicals to advancements made at Building 20 at MIT.

"[Building 20's] horizontal layout also spurred interaction. Brand quotes Henry Zimmerman, an electrical engineer who worked there for years: “In a vertical layout with small floors, there is less research variety on each floor. Chance meetings in an elevator tend to terminate in the lobby, whereas chance meetings in a corridor tended to lead to technical discussions.” The urban theorist Jane Jacobs described such incidental conversations as “knowledge spillovers.”"

"Building 20 and brainstorming came into being at almost exactly the same time. In the sixty years since then, if the studies are right, brainstorming has achieved nothing—or, at least, less than would have been achieved by six decades’ worth of brainstormers working quietly on their own. Building 20, though, ranks as one of the most creative environments of all time, a space with an almost uncanny ability to extract the best from people. Among M.I.T. people, it was referred to as “the magical incubator.”

Try to think about how we can create our own ideal environment for collaboration online, as chance physical encounters clearly cannot happen when working in different locations. I think, however, that if we all share as much as we can on the blog, we can successfully pull our knowledge virtually, and also engage in open dialogue.


This is a welcome to the students working on the design project at RIT, and a hello to our counterparts at Kadir Has University. In order for the blog to be a success, we must all read and post often. Post anything you think would be helpful, for both our classmates at RIT and our collaborators at Kadir Has University. Also feel free to comment on other people's posts! Remember that we have people from all different backgrounds, so something that may seem obvious to you, may not have occurred to someone else. Let's all have fun, contribute generously, and use our differences to our advantage!

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