Monday, March 26, 2012

my problem is picnic in Istanbul

This signboard says "Picnic is prohibited"

In Istanbul we don't have much green areas and when the summer comes people go for a picnic all over green areas in Istanbul. This cause polution so goverment forbidden to picnic in green areas and never put furnitures. But it can't stop people who want picnic. But if we design something that can remove this prohibition this make happy public and goverment.

There is some furnitures like this one in Turkey but it's impractical and if 2 groups want to sit there and if they don't know each other, they became disturbed so we have one people sit on big furniture alone and no one other him or her don't go and sit here.


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  2. Maybe larger, more stationary picnic type seating could work to address that problem and could also be placed adjacent to playgrounds to help solve the lack of seating in those areas too. It could create enough separation that you could have three or four groups on it and not feel like you're on top of each other.