Friday, March 16, 2012


This is a welcome to the students working on the design project at RIT, and a hello to our counterparts at Kadir Has University. In order for the blog to be a success, we must all read and post often. Post anything you think would be helpful, for both our classmates at RIT and our collaborators at Kadir Has University. Also feel free to comment on other people's posts! Remember that we have people from all different backgrounds, so something that may seem obvious to you, may not have occurred to someone else. Let's all have fun, contribute generously, and use our differences to our advantage!

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  1. thanks Madi!
    you are so right, what seems obvious to one is not to another.

    i would like to share a quote from today's Design boom , (my favorite web site,

    "design refers to the will to interpret the meaning of human life and existence through the process of making things."' - kenya hara