Friday, March 23, 2012


There are not enough benchs for to be social and they are not useful.

                           Naresh Kumarchauhan


  1. I noticed in the videos of the golden horn that Eminonu square and Kadir Has have sort of Colosseum-style Amphitheaters.

    These interest me. They address the problem of teenagers sitting on the backs with their feet on the seat submitted by buse kılınç. They could also potentially address socializing problems submitted by hicret yıldız and özden köse.

    Do you think that if the amphitheaters were smaller and more enclosed that they would promote more intimate face-to-face socializing? or exclude others from the "social circle"?

  2. i dont think if they were smaller, that would exlude others because our people already don't like sitting so close to the people they dont know we prefer having some space us and strangers. i actually have sth like that i will post