Sunday, April 8, 2012

Ben & Ian

Even though the park is nice and long, people mostly travel to the ferry ports. This makes the park less of a recreational and casual destination - more of just another part of the commute.

We should provide people incentives to travel the length of the park, not just across it to the nearest ferry port, with destinations worth walking to (like a theater) and a raised path with pleasurable scenery and sociable resting areas for traveling.
Should be similar to the High Line Park in New York City (

The path will be between the street and park to divide the busy from the calm, but not shut them away from each other.

If the path is constructed high enough, entrances can be overpasses, like little bridges, above the street from the other side to make crossing easier and safer.


Tires could be stacked whole to build up the path, and shredded to make the walking surface.

What do you think?

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