Monday, April 9, 2012

Week 4 Review: Eric & Ken

Problem - To create an inviting area that will allow people to fully enjoy the green space of the park.

Solution - Designating tables and trash cans will reduce trash problem and allow people to picnic in the park. Also create a playground to make the park a family attraction, we want to create a stylized playground that will look good and still be functional for children to play on.  The overall goal is to inspire a lot of action and playing in the park area.

Use of tires - Whole, cut, and shredded tires for use in construction of tables, seating, playground structure and ground surface.

Questions - Are there any specific games that are especially popular in Istanbul? Are there any specific for children? For teens? For adults? For seniors? Why has picnicking become a problem instead of a welcomed activity for the local authorities?


  1. Hi :) yes there are some special games such as, hopscotch, dodgeball and there is a game which ı could not translate in English.There is catcher and the other players. Other players stands higher platforms than the catcher and try to change there places between the platforms so while they are changing the platforms catcher try to catch them:)

  2. As mentioned by my friend in hopscotch, dodgeball the best plays for picnic :) but i think people is so creator , especially children .they can create play from everything for take the energy (such as the rapid climb to high)

  3. And aside from these games.. Maybe hide-and-seek? I don't think there are any specific games for adults and seniors but for teens, it can be volleyball and football.
    Even though picnics are one of the best social activity to take advantage of sun, it has become a problem.Why? Because, people don't clean up after they eat and of course the popular "barbecue" rituels. If you go somewhere near the sea in summer, you'll see lots of people in smoky air and it's becoming harder to have fun on beautiful sunny days.