Thursday, April 5, 2012

week 4 review

Group: Courtney Koslof, Jaclyn Jacobson

Problem: There is inadequate seating along the park path. There are no dedicated areas for sitting/relaxing.

Solution: A system of modular benches that can be arranged in multiple configurations for larger or smaller groups. The area will be covered by a canopy to establish the purpose of the space.

Tire Usage: Tires will be used in the canopy and as the bench surface. Crumb rubber may possibly used to cover the ground.

Question for KHAS students: What other types of activities might people want this area for (other than sitting/eating)?


  1. there are some other activities that ı saw in the parks; reading newspaper,runnig, walking aruond with the dogs and even in some parks there are tennis courts and basketball places ( YOĞURTÇU PARKI one the those parks name, ıf you want to google it)

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  3. It can be a place for socializing with people. Public library would be intresting.

  4. you can also think relation between bicycle and bench.

  5. people prefer most chating each other when they seat in the park. Also some people prefer to read something so maybe we can do something about supporting that. public library is a interesting idea. This kind of stuff that support chating can be considered.