Sunday, April 8, 2012

Week 4 Review

Group Members: Jordan Pelovitz, Anita Smith

Problem: There are not enough well-integrated sitting areas in the park, and there is not a whole lot of green space.

Solution: We plan to implement sculptural ferry-inspired seating/play areas along the length of the park, that maximize green space as much as possible.

Tire Usage: The tires would be used as building material and form molds; they would be stacked underneath mounds of concrete or dirt to lessen new material usage. Additionally, they may be used to line tunnels, create portholes, be woven together to create nets, or to duplicate the usage of tires on actual boats; as dock fenders.

Question: What would be the best sort of material for the boat's form itself? Is there going to be an issue of seepage from the tires into the dirt area around them?


  1. can you give example about your idea ,I dont understand clearly, do you want to use metarial for boat or another structure? , what kind of ferry such as size , where do you wanna use this ferry ? on green space? and what kind of seepage ?
    we know that tires is not is not harmful for the environment just recycling is to late in nature
    we are using tires around the edges of the ships and wharves you can see in this photo

    and wood can be nice metarial like a nature for your ferry ...

  2. By saying material for boats form itself, do you mean the basis structure for the boat? I think, it would be better if you first shaped the boat from steel construction and after add the tire pieces into it. Is this boat's bottom going to be in the underground or underneath of the dirt that you made it from tires?

    You mentioned the seepage.. Will water be there? I mean from what I imagined you are trying to combine boat and water concept together. I don't think there will be ever seepage from the tires because the tires are pretty thick.