Friday, April 6, 2012

Week 4 Review: Anna B. and Ryan

 Problem: need for a space that encourages social interactions and group encounters.

Solution: a wall like structure that incorporates vegetation and water and as well as creating a space where groups can interact comfortably and can by climbed and played around by children.   

Tire Usage: tires will be used in shredded and formed into bricks to be used for the basic building block.  May try to incorporate whole tires into the design as well.

Question: is drainage and large water puddles forming in public areas a problem in the park? 


  1. It is one of the problems in the park in the winter time.really large puddles can also fills playgrounds.

  2. It’s depends on the location of the park. But there many examples of water puddles in parks and it looks great if it's being in harmony with the environment.

  3. we dont prefer to use shreded tires. we prefer to use it by cutting and folding it.
    Water has comforting and soothing effect on the people. I guess it is a good idea to use small pond and waterfall. If you do something like that it maybe good idea looking to some current samples