Sunday, April 8, 2012

Week 4 Review: Kathy & Heba

Problem:  Children & Family-- provide entertainment for children, & a place for families to picnic, along with ample seating for both. 

Solution: create 2 areas: a child play area with adult seating, and a seating area for picnic-ers

Tire Usage: The tires will be used in the construction of the childs' play area in structures & as a protective ground, and the seats will be created out of a tire bi-product. 

Question: Would people want to have a picnic area combined with a childs' area? or will some park goers need space isolated from the children's section?


  1. I think a picnic area combined with a child's area would be good for picnicers.Because to us picnic avticity is something you do with your family.It's like the more crowded you go,the more fun you have and picnic without kids would be incomplete.Some area for kids may let adults to have time to prepeare things or maybe relax as long as they can keep an eye on their kids at the same time

  2. yes ı agree with buse there are special forests in İstanbul which is for making picnics there but there is no special areas for kids to play between the tables they just play around them... :)

  3. Yes, it should definitely an area combined with a child's area. In here, people goes to picnic to get some fresh air and to let their child have fun and to make them play with other childrens. I'm sure parents would want to keep an eye on them.
    It could be nice to have both; the play area and the place where the people prepare meals. I think using these areas separately is okay as long as parents can watch over their children.