Thursday, April 5, 2012

Week 4 review Kelley, Dave

Problem: Incorporating new and useful features within the park using unwanted tires, while maintaining and enhancing the parks visual and cultural integrity.
Solution: Bury whole tires strategically and systematically to create varying ground heights. They will be placed in a manner which promotes self interpreted use of space by the user. When viewing the park from above, it will be interpreted as representative shapes such as a tulip styled fish. The use of tulips will help to convey this idea by introducing color. When the tulips die a fish skeleton will remain as the visual. Like wise when the tulips are living they will suggest a full, mosaic styled fish/tulip shape. The image will have a dimensional quality to it by having the tires buried beneath, giving it a "domed" feeling.
Use of tire:whole
Question: What are some of the traditional colors/color schemes for the region of Istanbul?


  1. hi,
    i am totally agree the idea of using tulip motif or colors of tulip, tires will be more tolerable

    colors depends on everyone, mine color for Istanbul is blue mostly

    and The ottoman last color was green, before that it was red,

    in real Istanbul is grey (because of cars :(

  2. Maybe you can use turquoise but ı think it would be too much turistical:) İstanbul is multicultural city so nobody cannot say that istanbul is that color it depens on people's taste. I am aganist the using tulip style shape it is so popular that most people have the feeling that tulips representation is empty cultural advertising..

  3. They tend to use blue color for everything that contains “water,sea etc.”. Orange and yellow for schools, though I dont have any idea about why it’s orange?! There is no specific color I believe, but blue is the most used color.

  4. I think there is no traditional color in İstanbul.
    In public place we always see yellow, greeen and blue. I dont know why they chose yellow color.