Saturday, April 7, 2012

Week 4 Review

Group Members: Pierce Wolcott, Alexandro Flores

Problem: There is not enough sitting space or enclosed spaces that balance the separation of the park from the city.

Solution: We plan to design flexible boardwalks and benches that are enveloped by loosely woven rubber meshes.

Tire Usage: The tires will be used whole in the supports for the boardwalk and the benches. If weaving the shredded tires into a mesh is feasible, the enclosure could be made of tires too.

Question: what are our options for manipulating the tires' material


  1. tires is hard metarial and my succescion, you should try many cuting style, because it is not compose what you want any shape and cuting is so hard because of metarial and inside of tires( tehre is Steel Cable )

  2. Since we can’t granulate it, cutting or using as a whole would be one of the solutions. If you are cutting it you can give shape to it or knit it.

  3. hi.You have to know limit of flexibility of tire to see what will be the result. You should try different cuting style.